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Do you regularly wash your face before sleep, whether you have applied makeup or not? If you use makeup regularly, I bet there is a tiring night when you go to bed without washing your face. When you get up, if you get a clear face with no acne, infection, or redness, you are lucky; otherwise, you have to face certain consequences if you have a skin problem. 

You should take off your makeup before sleep to prevent skin damage. Otherwise, you will wake up with blackheads, clogged pores, and more acne the next day. It happens because most of the makeup is made using oily substances and keeping it on your face for a longer time does no good for the skin.

Similarly, your sleep time is the skin renewal time. But, if you sleep applying makeup, your skin fails to breathe properly. Therefore, to maintain healthy skin, clean all the makeup residue such as foundation, eye shadow, blusher, face powder, mascara and eyeliner before sleep. 

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Reasons You Should Take Off Your Makeup Before Sleep

So what are the possible skin problems you get when you keep on makeup during sleep? Well, many let your face have skin imperfections. So, before damaging your skin to the worst, learn several reasons why you should take off your makeup before sleep.

1. Clogged Pores

When you wear makeup during the day, it acts like a magnet, attracting pollution, dirt, dead skin, oil, and other impurities. All this stuff left overnight on your face will lead to bacteria growth, breakouts, and blackheads. Sleeping in makeup, the cosmetic products can mix with dirt and oil built up throughout the day on your skin, leading to blocked pores and breakouts. 

2. Makes Skin Dull

Another reason you should take off your makeup before sleep is that makeup overnight on your face skin results in dull complexion. Your skin repairs and renews itself overnight while you sleep, giving it a more youthful glow the next morning. 

This process is slowed down when you wear makeup to bed. You will also notice skin problems caused by premature aging. It happens because makeup often gets trapped in the skin’s creases and lines, causing it to look dull and aged.

3. Hampers Skin Health

Additionally, removing makeup at night is necessary for a healthy, glowing complexion due to its ability to prevent blemishes. Putting on makeup while you sleep prevents your skin from regenerating naturally overnight, which results in dull, tired-looking skin.

If your skin looks dull and you are worried about it, here is the solution. Regular cleansing and exfoliation are essential to reveal new skin cells and allow the skin to repair itself naturally. Such a process will brighten up your facial skin and give you a glowing and healthy skin complexion. Hence, you can avoid using makeup regularly.

4. Skin Looks Unevenly Toned

When you wear overnight makeup, your skin’s repair process is slowed. In addition, your skin gets healthier through an overnight natural repair process. Using synthetic products, your pores become clogged, which leads to bacteria build-up, causing breakouts, acne, and blackheads. 

Such a condition weakens the appearance of healthy, glowing skin by removing its smooth texture and creating redness.

5. Damages Skin Around Eye

Likewise, another reason you should take off your makeup before sleep is to prevent skin damage around the eye area. Cosmetics such as kajal, mascara and eyeliner, and can smudge, get into your eyes, and cause problems like dry eyes, infections, and dark under-eye bags. 

Besides, by leaving eye products on your eyes overnight, you may clog hair follicles and block oil glands around your eyelids, making your eyelashes brittle and making them break more easily.

6. Get Skin Infection

Even if you already have an inflamed pimple, such as an infected acne abrasion, sleeping in your makeup may not cause an infection. But, it is possible because your skin barrier could be compromised.

7. Makes Skin Dry

In addition to causing your skin to dry out, sleeping in your makeup can prevent your moisturizer from absorbing fully into your skin. Some makeup formulations also contain ingredients that can dry out the skin, and making the skin susceptible to these ingredients while sleeping in makeup for hours is extremely harmful.

8. Dirty Bedding Sheets

You may find this impact of makeup overnight out of a topic and not leading to skin problems. Here I suppose you might be wrong. If you have makeup on your face during sleep, it is transferred to bed sheets and pillowcases. Such bedding stuff absorbs oily substances and bacteria. And the other day, you will get breakouts when you are in touch with the surface of dirty sheets.

How to Remove Makeup?

After all, you know several reasons you should take off makeup before sleep; now, you may have a question about the makeup removal process. The makeup removal process can be done in a few steps. The first thing you need to do is, use makeup remover wipes or toner with a cotton pad or soft cloth to remove your makeup from skin. 

The other steps apart from using makeup remover wipes include using cleansing cream and applying moisturizer before sleep. 

i. Cleanse your Face

I suggest using Okhati Gold Cleansing Milk with Turmeric to clean your face. The cleansing milk is a mild facial cleanser enriched with Turmeric oil, Gold dust, Hydrolyzed collagen, and orange peel extract to make your face soft, blemished-free, and glittering like gold.

In addition, gold dust added to cleansing milk is good for your skin as it has a natural antioxidant. It keeps skin fresh, gives a glow, prevents aging, and removes skin irritation and redness.

Turmeric has an anti-inflammatory property that clogs skin pores and reduces scars and acne on your face. Turmeric is a quick-healing ingredient if you have bumps on your face resulting from acne. 

ii. Apply Moisturizer

If you are looking for a good moisturizer, go for Okhati Papaya Moisturizing Lotion. Papaya moisturizing lotion contains Papaya gel, Olive oil, Honey, Jojoba Oil, and Vit E to nourish and moisturize your skin to make it soft, smooth, and blemish-free.

Papaya is beneficial for your skin as it removes tan, prevents acne, helps lighten skin, and gives moisture to your skin. Adding olive oil to the lotion deals with damaged tissue, removes sunscreen traces, and keeps your skin hydrated.

Additionally, the lotion is best if you have oily skin and acne as it contains honey that works to remove wrinkles and gives a natural youthful glow to your skin. Jojoba oil also helps skin glow, softens cuticles, and soothes skin problems such as acne, redness, and eczema.


Are you clear on why you should take off your makeup before sleep? Taking off makeup is one of the most important skincare routines because if you forget to remove it at night, you must face many consequences. And, a careless and laziness done for one time disrupts your skincare routine.

Have you faced any above-mentioned skin problems when you forget to remove makeup before bed? If yes, then you can share it with us. Also, let us know how the skincare tips and tricks are useful through the comment section below. Get glowy and healthy skin by spending a few minutes on skincare from your busy schedule. Trust me; you will only get benefits.

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